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Changes to bus+Metro tickets from 3rd July

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From the 3rd of July, there will be changes to bus and bus+Metro tickets, as bus operators have increased their fares. There will be an increase in the cost of the bus element of bus+Metro tickets. For example, an nbus+Metro day ticket will now cost £7.70.

Bus operators are also simplifying their ticketing options by removing off-peak ticket types. This means that the off-peak nbus+Metro and off-peak NX+Metro day tickets are being discontinued. The only available option for customers purchasing bus+Metro tickets will be the nbus+Metro day ticket.

Please note that West Midlands Metro remains committed to freezing our fares for the remainder of 2023, and the cost of the Metro element of these tickets has not increased.

To view the changes to all bus Metro tickets, please view table below:



The bus operators have stated that the bus element of the + Metro tickets has been increased to protect the bus network, as costs to operate services has increased. In a statement, National Express have stated that the cost of fuel, electricity and labour have increased by as much as 25% in the past 3 years. More information about the changes is available on the National Express West Midlands website. www.Nxbus.co.uk

The price increase will affect all tickets and passes that include a bus element.

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