Tram at tram stop with blue overlay

Metro Staff Get Network Expansion Insight

Tram at tram stop with blue overlay

West Midlands Metro staff have been visiting the organisation tasked with expanding the region’s tram network to find out all about the extension projects which are now starting to take shape.

So far two groups have been given an insight into the work of the Midland Metro Alliance as well as the timescales and benefits of each of the planned extensions – the first of which will see trams running through to Centenary Square in Birmingham late this year.

The groups also heard about the importance of health and safety in construction and how the alliance’s work, and that of other local infrastructure projects, was having a positive impact on construction career opportunities.

Carl Williams, Director of Operations at West Midlands Metro, said: “It’s important for members of our team to learn more about the planned Metro extensions so they can better understand the new routes we’ll be serving in the future. The visits are all part of our staff engagement and development programme and the groups have enjoyed finding out about how these projects will help transform the West Midlands. Our thanks go to our colleagues at the Midland Metro Alliance for hosting the events.”

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