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Permit to Work

It’s simple to stay safe when working around tramways as long as sensible precautions are taken.

If you are going to be working on or around our system please carefully read the information below prior to starting any work.

We want you to stay safe near our tram lines. Work near tram lines means you need to avoid these hazards:

1. Trams cannot steer around a work site

2. They are powered by wires above the track which are live all the time

You must agree a safe method with us, and receive our authorisation, before work starts. You must do the work in the agreed way. Unauthorised work can be dangerous, and is an offence. If you own or occupy a building near the tramway, please give this information to anyone carrying out work on the building for you.

Authorisation is needed for any of these activities:

1. Any work where any part of the site, any tools or materials, any machine or suspended load, or any person, could come within the Hazard Zone

2. Any work which will force pedestrians to be diverted into the Hazard Zone

3. Piling, using a crane, excavation over 2m deep, or erecting and dismantling scaffolding, within 6m of the edge of the Hazard Zone

4. Any excavation within 3m of any pole supporting overhead wires

5. Any work of any kind within 3m of a pole supporting overhead wires, in areas where the tram rails are not embedded in the ground

Even if the site itself is outside the Hazard Zone, you need authorisation if vehicles fitted with cranes, tipping bodies or skip loaders will come within the Hazard Zone when this equipment is in use.

Permit to work