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Metro Ticket Zones is LIVE!

The Metro network has been split into four zones (1-4). The new ticket range will see the majority of journeys either reduced in price or with no additional cost for customers.

More information about Metro Ticket Zones is provided below:

What are Metro Ticket Zones?

Metro Ticket Zones is the new name for the range of tickets available to purchase to travel on the Metro. The easy-to-understand zone-based ticketing system will allow customers to purchase unlimited travel across the entire network or within their chosen zone, without the need to specify which stops they are travelling between, allowing for greater flexibility in their travel plans.

Why are Metro Ticket Zones being introduced?

We know that travel habits have changed in the last 12 months for a number of reasons and, as we prepare to expand our network further this year, with extensions opening to Edgbaston and Wolverhampton train station, we have taken this opportunity to review and simplify our ticketing options to ensure that we continue to offer customers the best value for their travel requirements.

Will the zones be the same as the rail zones?

Whilst this was a consideration in the planning stages of the review, it was recognised that the kinds of journeys that people make by tram are different from those made by train. This means that by adopting the same zonal boundaries as rail, we would not be able to offer the flexibility and value that has been built in to the new zonal ticket range.

Which zone will my stop be in?

The Metro Ticket Zones Map provides the full details of how the network has been split into four zones and can be used to check which zone your stop is in, and which ticket type you will need to complete your journey.

What if my stop is in two zones, will I be charged for both zones?

Where a stop has two zones, this is called a border stop. There are three border stops and these are shown on the Metro Ticket Zones Map with the stop name in a white box. If you are starting or ending your journey at a border stop, you will not be charged for both zones. The zone that you pay for will depend on your direction of travel.

What is a border stop?

There are three stops (Jewellery Quarter, Black Lake and Priestfield) that are on the border of two zones, which means these stops are in two fare zones. This can be seen on the Metro Ticket Zones Map with the stop name in a white box.

If you are starting or ending your journey at a border stop then your zone will depend on the direction of travel. For example, Jewellery Quarter is on the border of Zone 1 and 2. Therefore, if you travel from Jewellery Quarter to a stop in Zone 1, you should treat Jewellery Quarter as a stop in Zone 1. If you travel to Zone 2 and beyond, you should treat Jewellery Quarter as a stop in Zone 2.

What are the new ticket options?

The range of tickets available to purchase has been simplified to make it easier to ensure that you have the correct ticket for your journey and to ensure that customers receive the best value for their travel needs.

Tickets range from a single (one way) to unlimited journeys all day, in a variety of zonal combinations, giving customers even more flexibility. Our popular season tickets will also be updated to include zonal options, delivering a saving for many customers on their frequent journeys. Children will continue to receive a 50% discount on the adult ticket price.

The fare table sets out all of the ticketing options. Please check to see which ticket will be best for your travel needs.

Can I still buy a return ticket?

No. The new day tickets have been designed to offer a similar level of value to the return tickets, while giving customers the added value of carrying out as many journeys as they like within the zones of the ticket, for the duration of the day.

Where can I buy Metro Ticket Zone tickets?

Once the changes go live, tickets will be available to purchase from our conductors onboard the tram, using the My Metro app, or via Swift. Metro ticket zones will also be available to buy at Payzone outlets in late spring.

I use Payzone to buy my tickets to travel by Metro, why can’t I buy the new zonal tickets until late spring?

It will take a little longer for the Payzone systems to be updated to include all of the new products. The existing range of tickets will still be available from Payzone until the updates have been completed.

Please visit Payzone or call our ticketing team on 0345 835 8181 for information about alternative ways that you can buy a zonal ticket and ensure that you are receiving the best value for your journey with Metro -during the short period between the new zonal fares going live and the upgrade being completed for Payzone outlets.

Will there be Metro Ticket Zone passes?

Yes, our Metro only passes and season tickets will now offer even greater value as customers will be able to pay for their travel in advance, only in the areas of the network that they need to use.

Can I buy a zonal metro ticket which includes travel by bus or train?

The new Metro Ticket Zones fares are currently only available for Metro-only products. There are no changes to the price of Metro plus products and customers will continue to enjoy unlimited travel throughout the entire network with these tickets.

How can I change my Direct Debit to a new zonal combination?

Please call our ticketing team on 0345 835 8181 for more information about the zonal combinations that are available for Direct Debit customers. They will be happy to check that you are using the best value product for the journeys that you make and will arrange for any changes to be made to your account.

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